Forkliftcenter and Grimaldi partnering for the future.

15 november 2023

Forkliftcenter, a one-stop shop for forklifts and port equipment, has entered into a new agreement with shipping giant Grimaldi Group. This will see Forkliftcenter supply the Naples-based group with fifty-nine different machines, ranging from converted skid-steer loaders into car pushers to heavy forklifts with special attachments.

Forkliftcenter has already commenced delivery of the new equipment. Tailored to meet specific requirements and prepared for immediate integration and operation, the equipment being supplied is:

  • 15 x Konecranes 42-ton heavy forklifts included special rotating system
  •   6 x Konecranes 12-ton forklifts
  • 12 x Bobcat skid-steer loaders converted as car pushers
  •   8 x Toyota 7-ton forklifts with triplex mast
  •   8 x Yale 2.5-ton forklifts with triplex mast
  • 10 x Toyota 2.5-ton forklifts with triplex mast

Tailored approach

The equipment has been tailored to the specific needs of the Grimaldi Group and their varied areas of operation. For example, the 42-ton forklifts have integrated rotators for loading and unloading bulk containers. The skid-steer loaders have been fully converted to serve as car pushers. The manoeuvrability of the machines makes them perfect for use in the tight spaces on shipping vessels that usually pose a challenge.

The equipment has been chosen not just for its excellent performance, but in recognition of the commitments Forkliftcenter and Grimaldi have made.

The agreement extends beyond the sourcing and supply of equipment. Forkliftcenter will also be performing the maintenance and servicing of the Grimaldi port equipment via their global service network. This comprehensive service will be delivered through their expansive global service network, which encompasses their branches in Europe, Americas, West Africa, the Middle East and Australia.
Forkliftcenter and Grimaldi's collaboration continues, as this isn't their first time working together.

‘We first worked with Grimaldi over ten years ago,’ says Bjørn André de la Porte, CEO and owner of the Forkliftcenter group. ‘This new agreement, including maintenance and servicing, builds on that foundation, forming a strong partnership.’

‘We are glad to continue and expand our cooperation with Forkliftcenter, in the mutual interest of both groups”, stated Mario Fuduli, Head of the Grimaldi Group Procurement Dept. “Through this new agreement we will be able to further strengthen our cargo handling operations with state-of-the-art equipment”, concluded Mr. Fuduli.

The delivery of the equipment is currently underway.

About Forkliftcenter

Forkliftcenter is one of the world’s leading brand-independent companies in the field of selling, renting & leasing new and used forklifts, reach stackers, container handling & port equipment in a wide range of brands, types and sizes. Forkliftcenter firmly believes that to be a global player, you have to act locally. Therefore Forkliftcenter, with its headquarters in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), also has branches in Europe, Americas, West Africa, the Middle East, and Australia and is still expanding its business worldwide. From these branches Forkliftcenter builds up local partnerships and personal relationships with its customers and -besides the delivery of forklift trucks, container handling & port equipment- provides them with all assistance needed when it comes to parts, transport, insurance, customs clearance and other services. Throughout a period spanning 21 years, Forkliftcenter has effectively supplied equipment to over 141 countries.

About Grimaldi

The Grimaldi Group, headquartered in Naples, operates a fleet of over 130 vessels and employs approximately 18,000 people. Wholly owned by the Grimaldi family, it is a multinational logistics Group specialised in the operation of roll-on/roll-off vessels, car carriers and ferries. It comprises seven shipping companies, namely: Grimaldi Deep Sea, operating in the transport of rolling cargo and container on the Atlantic routes and between the Mediterranean and West Africa; Grimaldi Euromed, specialized in the transport of rolling freight in Europe, in the Motorways of the Sea and in the transport of passengers in the Mediterranean with the Grimaldi Lines brand; Atlantic Container Line, which offers transport services for containers and rolling cargo between North America and North Europe; Malta Motorways of the Sea, shipowning company; Minoan Lines, operating in Greek cabotage for the transport of freight and passengers; Finnlines, operating in freight and passengers transport in the North and Baltic Sea; Trasmed GLE, active in the transport of freight and passengers between mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

The maritime connections are the core of an advanced logistics chain, which includes port terminals and road transport companies. The over 20 port terminals owned/operated by the Grimaldi Group are located in 12 countries around the world: Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Egypt, Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin. Most of these terminals are fitted with Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) facilities, warehouses and workshops. 

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