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Privacy policy

Article 1.                Website conditions

1.1        These conditions apply to all visitors to the website and all pages, texts and pictures that it contains.

Article 2.                Disclaimer

2.1        The website has been compiled with the greatest possible care and is maintained as such. Nevertheless, no rights can be derived from the content of the Forkliftcenter web­site and no claims can be based on the correctness and completeness of its content. Visitors are responsible for the use of any information obtained from the Forkliftcenter website and must themselves assess the correctness and completeness of that information.

Article 3.                Hyperlinks

3.1        References or hyperlinks to other websites that are not ow­ned by Forkliftcenter serve only for the visitors’ information. If those hyperlinks are used, Forkliftcenter accepts no liability whatsoever for any resulting damage.

Article 4.                Copyright

4.1        Visitors will only have the right in respect of the Forklift­center website to peruse that website and to reproduce the information obtained from it for strictly private use by printing or downloading it to a storage medium. Without Forkliftcenter’s prior written consent, otherwise than by means of a hyperlink, visitors or third parties may not make a link, deep link or gateway between the Forkliftcenter website and any other Internet or other website, search or meta-search engine, or computer network.

4.2        Unless otherwise stated, all rights, including intellectual property rights, in respect of the Forkliftcenter website and any information obtained from it, such as data, information, offers, materials, documents, pictures, files, etc, will be vested in Forkliftcenter. This means that no changes whatsoever may be made to the Forkliftcenter website and the information obtained therefrom and that any use other than that stated in these Website Conditions is not permitted without Forkliftcenter’s consent.

Article 5.                Privacy statement

5.1        Forkliftcenter will respect the privacy of visitors and will ensure that the communication and data exchange with the visitors of the Forkliftcenter website take place in the safest possible manner. Forkliftcenter processes personal data in the context of its services in accordance with the Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Protection Act).

Article 6.                Governing law and disputes

6.1        These Website Conditions and any other agreements between the visitor and Forkliftcenter will be governed exclusively by Dutch law.

Article 7.      Amendments to these Website Conditions

7.1        Forkliftcenter reserves the right to amend these Website Conditions. Visitors to the Forkliftcenter website should therefore regularly check these Website Conditions.